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How should I talk to my kids about overweight?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, they shouldn’t!

The number of kids who are obese or overweight is increasing at a horrifying rate. Childhood obesity not only puts your child at risk of several diseases, but it also affects his emotional health. Overweight kids are always teased and harassed everywhere and often excluded from team activities, which can lead to low self-esteem and depression.

As a parent, this can be a tricky situation to handle. However, with the right motivation and support, it is possible for your child to lose weight and stay healthy.

No matter what your child’s size may be, there are numerous ways you can talk about overweight without affecting his self-esteem.

Talking to your child about his weight

  1. Talk about healthy eating habits and exercises.
  2. Encourage your child to live a healthy lifestyle and thereby achieve a healthy weight.
  3. Avoid talking about the negative effects that can happen if you kid eats unhealthy food.
  4. Instead, Make him understand how eating healthy foods can benefit his brain and body.

Parents should help their kids build confidence and self-esteem.

Make your child understand that weight is a health issue, not the way you appear. Kids always look up to their parents, and a great deal of what they learn in life is based on copying the behavior of a parent.

So make sure that you are good role model to them. 

If your child comes up to you and says that he wants to diet, do not by any means encourage him.

Parents who encourage their kids to diet are actually sabotaging the intent. By doing so, they are actually encouraging their children to follow unhealthy dieting practices that can lead to increased risk of obesity.
The method you choose to communicate your feelings about your child’s overweight may have a profound effect on him. According to a small study, the more often parents made comments to their child about his weight, the more it developed a negative effect of how the children felt about themselves.

To gain a more healthy perspective about your child’s weight, experts recommend shifting your attention from weight to lifestyle choices that help improve your overall health and well-being of the family.

Several things can stand in the way of exercise and healthy eating activity every day. Encourage  can boost their confidence of your child and work towards attaining a healthy weight.

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