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Choosing the right shoes for toddlers is not a simple task.

I mean, it is not that you just walk into a store and pick the first thing your eyes sets on. It is more to that and takes a lot of knowledge and research.

You’ll agree with me that as a responsible parent, you will want to take into consideration few factors which can help you choose the right pair of shoes.

Here are some things which you will want to know when choosing footwear for your child.

  • How nicely will the shoe fit your child?
  • What material is the shoe made from?
  • Have you chosen the right size of shoes for your child?

A simple tip when purchasing shoes for your children would be, avoid orthopedic shoes.

Orthopedic shoes are meant for adults and elderly people. Those will difficulties in walking or enlarged feet use these kinds of shoes. Source: Dynamic Chiropractic

Infants and kids should never be provided with these kinds of shoes under any circumstances.

Ideas to remember when shopping for kids shoes

When taking them for shopping, take them in the evenings. As the day goes on, the feet usually swell up. That ensures you are getting the right size of shoes for them.

Different children come with different kinds of feet and it is not necessary that the size of shoes which fit your neighbor’s son or daughter has to fit your son or daughter.

How to buy shoes for a child

Supposing your toddler or child does not like to go shopping with you, then don’t force them. Measure the size of their feet before hand. You can either go to a children’s store or purchase from a reputed online store.

Simply if the pair of shoes does not fit your child as it is, too loose or too tight, then you will have to replace it.

However, if your child is willing to go with you to the shop, then first get their measurements as children keep growing up. They should stand up when their feet are being measured. Then try on two or three sizes of footwear.

Make them take few steps and get their feedback.

Make sure if  they are comfortable and can they raise their legs

They should be comfortable when wearing them to play and run around. The material of the shoes is crucial. This is something which many parents tend to avoid noting when purchasing the shoes.

Color Shoes for Toddlers

Colored Shoes for Children

They tend to focus more on the colors of the shoes. Kids are fascinated with the color of the shoes like pink, yellow, orange, red, and blue.

While colors of the shoes should be attracted, they usually come made from cheap plastic materials, which is neither comfortable nor durable. You will want to keep this in mind. It is not necessary that you have to keep buying shoes every week or so.

Get it for them when they start complaining about pain in the feet.

Notice the patterns on their shoes and then buy for them. Avoid heels and other kinds of fancy shoes for small kids as it will affect their ankles and knees.

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