Diapers Rash (Causes, Types and Treatment) May 1, 2017 – Posted in: Parenting

I think you would agree with me when I say:

It is tough when you are a first-time father, bathing a baby when they are irritated by the diapers rash; the nerves increase when we feel helpless by their desperate crying, and unable to calm the burning and itching.

Or is not it?

Well, it is possible to calm the situation quickly by simply knowing what the main cause of the irritation is and how to treat it immediately.

And in all the post I’ll share what I talk with Dr. Martha Quezada Dermatologist Pediatrician, who is currently the daughter’s dermatologist …

… Believe me; It’s very stressful to hear crying and screaming to your little baby girl because of the sore and not knowing what the cause is or what to do to calm the situation.

Let’s know what Dr. Quezada tells us about diaper rashes

Diapers rash is very common in babies. It is dermatitis characterized by inflammation of the skin and a rash in the diaper area which is known as diaper dermatitis.

Dr. Martha explains that the most common form is irritation, an inflammation that appears in the thighs, buttocks and genital area usually caused by contact with urine and feces and the use of certain soaps or substances such as creams and powders.

There are two types of diapers rash:

  • Rashes that are caused by a diaper.
  • Rashes that are not related to diaper use.

Symptoms of diapers rash.

Irritant dermatitis – It is the medical term to the clinical picture that can go from a slight manifestation of reddening of the area and itching commonly known as diaper dermatitis.

The main factors that influence the development of the process can be friction, excessive moisture, irritating properties of urine and feces, and increased PH in the skin of the diaper area.

Irritant Diaper Dermatitis

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You can get a severe picture in which the inflammation is very high, the baby does not tolerate contact with that area, and there is an infection of fungi and bacteria. If the condition reaches this point, it is necessary to resort to other more aggressive treatments involving oral medication, says the specialist.


In the case of my daughter usually goes through the rose of moisture and the acid of the feces, which is generally because a tooth is about to come out.

Yes, I know, it sounds strange, and I thought the same thing, but after several times it is the cause of diarrhea and fever, a tooth on the way.

How to prevent diapers dermatitis?

There are several methods to prevent it.

  1. Cloth or Disposable Diapers – You can use cloth diapers. The important thing is to make the change frequently.
  2. Powders – The use of powders that include talc or corn starch can reduce friction and moisture. However, powders are not often recommended as a treatment for diaper rash because the child could accidentally inhale them.
  3. Tight Diapers – Avoid putting the diaper too tight, especially at night. Let the diaper a bit loose so that the moist parts do not rub against the skin.
  4. Avoid wet-wipes – As soon as the baby does poop, try not to use wipes, instead bathe them directly. With this, you can avoid the direct friction with the wipes, that tends to irritate them more and hurt the baby more
  5. Try to be in dry places
  6. Bath Soap – You should apply mild and neutral soap to wash the genital area furthermore use at each change a barrier cream that contains zinc oxide. Take a look at Top4 Baby Skin Care Tips Post

Yes, I know…

As parents, isn’t always be possible to determine the type and cause of the diapers rash. But in most cases, it is possible to start treatment at home, as described below.

Baby Skin Infections

Cutaneous infections are usually of bacterial origin. Impetigo is one of the most frequent and caused by bacteria such as staphylococcus and streptococcus.

diaper rash types

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The condition occurs in healthy children who have some injury on their skin, either from an infected wound or insect bite, which causes injury to different areas of the body.

A way to prevent possible complications, it is important to ensure proper grooming and refer to the pediatrician to indicate the treatment to be followed.

Important: Always use a mild soap to wash baby’s clothes. Also, babies should stay fresh, and avoid sudden changes in temperature.

Complications in diaper dermatitis

Some patients even require hospitalization and intravenous antibiotics. Another of the sequels are residual post-inflammatory marks, are those dark, unsightly spots that come out once the wound or the sting has healed.

Atopic Manifestation

According to the Dr. Martha Quezada is one of the most frequent consultations. This type of dermatitis refers to chronic inflammation of the skin, which causes itching and occurs recurrently.

It appears by often on a very dry skin, and this can appear within the first 3 years of life, this is due to a very “sensitive” skin, which before various stimuli presents the outbreaks (atopic eczema).

The best for this type of rash or diaper dermatitis is to keep the skin as healthy as possible; To achieve this use in daily basis Syndet soaps and Emollients.

Atopi Diaper Dermatitis

 Yeast Infection

Yeast infections (Candida) can develop if irritating dermatitis isn’t treated for more than a few days. Signs of yeast diaper rash include dark red areas of the skin with or without yellow pustules, filled with liquid, that can rupture.

Yeast infections are often found in the folds the skin around the genitals.

Yeast diaper infection (diaper rash)

No reason to be afraid…

After researching on the web and according to Dr. Quezada

We all have harmless amounts of these yeasts (Candida albicans) in our body. These are fungi that proliferate in warm and moist environments, such as the mouth, intestines, skin and vagina.

If you are pregnant read learn more about at American Pregnancy: Yeast Infections During Pregnancy

Even if your baby is a boy, the wet environment of a wet diaper can cause a fungal infection, particularly if the child already has gall.

Babies who take antibiotics, and infants whose mothers are taking antibiotics, are more likely to develop this type of infection. This is because antibiotics kill the benign bacteria in the body, which keep these yeasts under control. Without these bacteria, the fungi can grow more profusely.

What are the symptoms of Yeast Infection?

Once the candidiasis is fully developed, you can usually catch it through the following signs:

  1. The redness lasts for more than two days and does not respond to conventional treatments for diaper rash.
  2. The rash is well defined and has a bright red tint.
  3. The edges have slight reliefs.
  4. It appears in the folds of skin in the groin area.
  5. It presents “satellite” lesions (red lesions at a slight distance from the main rash).
  6. The affected skin has a scaly appearance.

Should I go to the doctor for a yeast diapers rash?


For this type of outbreak, the creams used for irritant dermatitis will not work. Nevertheless It is not necessary to go immediately but in this case, it is best to contact the pediatrician, and he will recommend one of these  treatments:

  • An antifungal ointment topical or to treat fungi (such as nystatin, clotrimazole or miconazole).
  • An ointment or cream with a small dose of corticosteroids.

After two medical consultations for the same reason, I could understand the big difference between the types of creams and lotion.

Creams with Nystatin are creams that work primarily against the Yeas infection.

By the other hand, the ones that only contain Zinc Oxide serve to protect and to relieve the light diapers rash.

Those that contain Hipoglos and Boric acid oil whose main function is to heal wounds and burns that usually come out if the rash is not attacked in time.

The Bottom Line

  • Avoid products containing fragrances, or other additives because they may irritate the skin.
  • Read closely the ingredient label of all diaper products.

So, most diaper products contain such as zinc oxide and petrolatum, to set a protective skin barrier against wetness; Others also contain lanolin, paraffin, or dimethicone.

In the next post, I will post about the different types of baby skin care creams.

Do not forget to share, leave your questions or comment bellow how was your first time when your little one suffered from diaper rash and how you reacted to the situation.