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Helping your child live his life with confidence and self esteem is one of the greatest gifts that you can ever give him.

Kids with high self esteem tend to be happy and do well in almost all areas of life. It not only helps improve their mental happiness and social life but also paves the way for becoming successful adults.

Your actions depend to a great extent on how you feel about yourself. If your child has low self esteem, it is your responsibility to boost his confidence so that he can face the world boldly. Here are some helpful ways to develop your child’s self esteem:

Don’t do everything for your child

Dressing up your child or doing other things for him might be easier and time-saving but it is always best to let your child do it himself. This will make him learn things and at the same time improve his confidence. In order to build self esteem, your child needs to take up challenges, make choices and be responsible for their actions.

Let him make choices

Giving kids age appropriate choices makes then feel empowered as well as powerful. Learning to make simple choices will help your child to be prepared for the tough choices that he may have to face in the future.

Do not compare

Comparing your kid with other children is something that you should never do. Not only does it lower his confidence levels, he may even start disliking the kid he’s compared to. Instead of comparing, pay attention to what your child enjoys and does well. Give him all the support and  opportunities to develop these skills. Focusing on his strengths rather than weaknesses will help your child feel good about himself and improve his confidence.

Acknowledge his feelings

If your child approaches you with any issues, be sure to hear him out. Show the patience to understand what exactly is bothering him. Talking to you will provide your child a sense of relief  as he knows that you will be able to boost his confidence and offer an effective solution.

Kids develop self esteem by doing things that are hard and poses a bit of a challenge for them. Whenever they achieve a milestone, make sure to congratulate and compliment them. Praise your child but don’t overpraise them. Praise, when rightfully earned is a valuable self esteem booster.

Finally, let you child know that you love him unconditionally no matter what happens. As the saying goes, failure is the stepping stone to success. So even if your child fails in something, don’t worry. Encourage him to try harder and succeed. Your child will learn from the failures and go forward with confidence.

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