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The first year of your baby witnesses incredible changes in him as he transforms from a newborn to an independent toddler.

Babies develop at different rates and parents, especially new mommies are extremely curious to know whether their little one’s growth and development is at par with the normal standard growth rate.

I want to share some important milestones for their babies that every mom should know .

These milestones usually include motor, social or emotional and language development. The following are the important growth and developmental milestones identified by the American Academy of Pediatrics  for babies 1-3 months old:

Lifts his head when lying on his stomach

Moms must understand that your little one’s limbs are loosening up and that his bones and muscles are growing and developing. Your baby’s neck muscles are strengthening every time he lifts his head during his tummy time. So make sure to give him plenty of tummy time.

Smiles when he hears your voice

Your baby can recognize your voice easily and it makes him happy every time he hears it. This is because he associates your voice with the love, warmth, food and comfort you provide him. Make sure to entertain him with high expression, dramatic baby talk.

Loves to watch the surroundings 

Your baby’s vision improves amazingly and he starts to focus on you as well as the surroundings. You can hang a mirror near his crib and watch him beam with delight as he sees his movement and expressions in the mirror. By now his improved vision will let him see things as a whole rather than seeing them part by part.

Follows moving objects

As his eyesight develops, your baby will love to explore new things. Both his eyes work together at this stage, helping him focus on objects. You can hang a mobile in his crib and set it first at a slow speed. You can gradually increase the speed as the baby becomes accustomed to the movements.

Starts babbling

Infants always listen to adults talking and they are trying to grasp new things. You can improve your baby’s language skills by talking to him or by reading stories to him. Storybooks with colorful pictures will help stimulate his vision.

Kicks and stretches legs while lying down

Your baby moves his arms and legs vigorously when excited. It would be great fun for him, if your could attach a bell toy on his legs.

Starts to imitate sounds

Talk to your infant whenever you can. The more you talk to him, the more he picks up on the sounds and language you are saying.

Opens and shuts his hands

Your baby’s tight, clenched fist will now transform  into an open hand grabbing and dropping objects. If you place something in your baby’s open hands, you can see that he immediately grips it.  Babies also start exploring their hands by holding them in front of their face and sometimes putting them into their mouths.

Babies grow at an amazingly fast rate during their first year. When it comes to growth and developmental milestones, babies may follow the same progression but no two babies undergo the changes at exactly the same time. So don’t be overly concerned if your baby is not acquiring new skills at the same rate to other babies of the same age. But if you are really concerned about his development, do talk to a health professional to make sure everything is alright.

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