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Flying With Baby

In my five years as cabin crew, I have seen several parents make these mistakes when traveling with an infant.

I know there is a first time for everything. Perhaps you had your first child few months back and had planned a vacation where you have to take your infant with you on the plane.

Now, it may seem frightening initially, but you will want to take a deep breath and read this article to find out how you can travel along with your baby with safety for the first time on a plane.

Here is a list of things you must do when flying with your baby!

Check the airline’s website

track flight status

You will want to keep checking with the airline’s website about the timing of the flight. You certainly cannot expect yourself to sit for several hours in the airport with your infant baby in case of delays.

The poor thing will get bored and annoyed with the atmosphere and will want to fresh air.

Choose bulkhead seats or first class if possible

Infant with mother on a plane

Choose bulkhead seats or first class seats if possible. When traveling with your baby, it is always going to be a special trip. There is no harm in spending a little more for the sake of your child.

It would be advisable to choose first class, at least for the mother and infant baby. This helps you sit comfortably and stretch your legs as and when you want.

You do not want to cramp your child in those nasty three seaters where other passengers will keep shoving and pushing around. Children should not be allowed to sit on emergency seats because passengers who are physically fit are preferred.

During emergencies, they have to open the heavy door and help in the evacuation of passengers sitting in the entire row.

Bring entertainment and other items

Infant babies can get cranky at times. Suddenly they will start whining and screaming for no reasons. Taking some entertainment items ensures that they remain engaged and do not panic and make you annoyed.

Let alone your other passengers who might give you those ugly stares. A pacifier, some cartoons which your baby loves to watch, etc., are excellent.

You will want to ensure that food and baby blankets are sufficient. Baby formula and blankets for your baby are a must.

The supplies like wipes, diapers, snacks and bottles are a must.

Carry Water Heater for your baby’s bottle

It would be better if you take along a water heater to heat water for your baby as industrial ovens in the plane can damage your water bottle.

Inside the plane cabin, it can get cold, which is why you will want to ensure that you have got enough food and clothing to change.

Avoid long trips on planes

It is obvious that you avoid long trips on planes with your infant baby. Holding a child and taking care of a child for 10 hours or more can take the best out of you.

Until and unless the trip is very important and has to be taken, then make sure you have somebody to help you out when you want to relieve yourself or take rest.

Perhaps it can be your partner, family member, or friend. Somebody you can trust with your baby.

Other things which you will want to keep in mind are reading the security restrictions in the state of the country you are entering. Since you will be carrying baby lotions and oils, you do not want to have any problems with the luggage items you are carrying during check-ins.

Traveling with an infant can be fun and challenging, however with these tips mentioned above, you can rest assured that you both will have a good time.

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