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No parent would ever want to hear that their child is being bullied.

But as long as your child goes to school, there is always a chance that such a situation could come up at some point in time.

When I was in school I used to be bullied in a certain way just because of my height and the color of my skin.

I remember how many times I told my mom that I wanted to change the color of my skin until she and my teacher teach me how to overcome this kind of bullying.

My seven-year-old son is a very happy kid, who loves going to school. He loves his teachers and has many friends too. But once there was this incident at school, where a kid was making fun of him, calling him names and throwing his stuff around.

He used to come home very sad and depressed.  Became reluctant to go to school and even suggested that we change schools. Fortunately, we were able to deal with the problem easily with the help of his teacher. Long back, bullying used to be something that existed among teens but nowadays it’s common among little children too.

Bullying is humiliating, scary and embarrassing too. There is a good chance that your kid won’t come up to you and say that he’s being bullied. So it is important that you pick up on the signs and help him cope with the situation as early as possible. Because if left unchecked, it can be devastating for your kid and can even lead to many emotional problems.

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10 signs that show your child is being bullied

  • Comes home with torn clothing,bruises, and other physical marks
  • Reluctant to go to school
  • Frequent stomach aches and headaches
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Not wanting to study or getting declining grades
  • Change in eating habits
  • Suffers anxiety and low esteem
  • Loss or change of friends
  • Not wanting to talk or interact with the family
  • Appears sad, moody or depressed

If your child is being bullied, there are several things that you, as a parent can do to help him.

  • Sit with him and patiently listen to what he has to say
  • Talk to your child’s teacher
  • Many schools have specific policies to deal with these kinds of situations,
    So be specific about the incident as well as the kid(s) involved in bullying when you report to the authorities.

Should the bullying be persistent, try to contact the parents of the offender, if you think they will be receptive to what you have to say and are ready to work with you in solving the problem.

Teach your child to walk away from the bullies and to seek help from his teachers or other elders, rather than trying to fight them alone.

It’s important to understand that we cannot control the bad behaviors of other people but you can definitely control the way you react to it.

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