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Recent studies on the brain of newborns suggest that the environment in which your baby lives plays a major role in the healthy growth and development of his brain. According to the University of Maine, a fetus’s brain starts to form three weeks after he is conceived.

So, how to stimulate your baby’s brain?

His brain will consist of hundred billion neurons by the time he is born. As he reaches his first year, your baby’s brain will triple in size. The connections between the neurons are the one that helps develop your child’s learning, reasoning and thinking abilities.

As the number of connections increase, the smarter your baby will be.

It is possible to build more connections by stimulating your baby’s brain with the help of sounds, colors, smells, movement, and touch.

You can build more connections  with the help of sounds, colors, smells, movement, and touch.

It is not necessary that you have to follow a planned syllabus or buy special toys or other such products to increase your baby’s intellectual growth. There are other simple ways to stimulate his brain like the ones described below:

There are other simple ways to stimulate his brain like the ones described below:

Love and affection

Your baby is in constant need of love and affection and so make sure you give him plenty of it. Not only does it increase his self-esteem but it also helps in building the necessary brain circuitry.

Talk, read and sing

talk to baby changing diapers image

Experts recommend talking, singing and reading to your baby as these activities help in building a bond between the mother and baby and it also encourages the development of his language skills. So when you talk to him, make sure to use different expressions and vocabulary. Your conversations, stories, and songs go a long way in building his vocabulary, expressing skills, and even problem-solving skills.

Stimulate your baby’s brain by talking to them while changing diapers


Touch your Baby

Of all the sensory experiences, touch is the most important for the development of your baby’s brain. Holding and cuddling your baby lets him know he is loved and above all stimulates his brain to release hormones that promote growth.

Play games with your baby

Play simple games like peekaboo using your hands. Make funny faces and noises. Because this stimulates your baby’s senses, encourages social development, improves motor skills and visual tracking skills, and above all makes him laugh.

Explore new surroundings

surrounding explore activities for baby

Take your baby outside to experience new surroundings, sights, sounds and smells. This helps your baby understand there is a whole new world outside his home.
According to child experts, the skills that your baby learns during his first year is critical in paving the way for his intellectual development.

It is, therefore, important that every parent makes good use of this unique opportunity to encourage the formation of brain circuitry in their babies so that they become smarter citizens of the future.

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