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Parentable - Jeancarlos and Jahaira

Parentable is a blog dedicated to sharing tips,  life advice, and stories about parenting.

We hope that after reading some of our tips, interesting topics, stories and follow us on our social media accounts, you will be inspired to enjoy this incredible phase of paternity even in this demanding world in which we live.


Jahaira: I’m a flight attendant for an airline, First-time mother, I love to travel  “Hahahaha 😁,” that’s not why I’m a flight attendant. I love dress accessories, pop culture content and buy things for my baby. Like many first-time parents, we are full of questions, so my husband who has a littler more of experience and I decided that it would be a good idea to share all this information with other parents.

Jeancarlos: You may wonder why a man is writing on a blog for Moms?
Well, I am an entrepreneur and passionate about technology. After 10 years as Jeana’s dad, I had the idea to create a website dedicated to parents lifestyle, so this is the opportunity.